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ZeroGravity3D - Advanced 3D Industrial Inspection System

ZeroGravity3D is an inspection system that applies Machine Vision to quality control. It is an industrial solution easy to integrate in production processes, capturing images of an object from a number of cameras while the part is in free fall.

The whole volume of the object is reconstructed in 3D in real time. Then, any deviation is efficiently detected and the part is accepted or rejected.


Among the applications of the system we can highlight: Industrial inspection for quality control of products of any size, dimensional or surface control, fast acquisition of 3D measurements from real parts, etc., everything with low maintenance costs and high throughput.




          FEATURES                                                      ADVANTAGES

No mechanical handling

Parts that are now manually verified can be automatically inspected

Scalable system

Easy adaptation to different part sizes (screws, springs, nuts, etc.)
Innovative system (patent pending) capturing the image while the object is in the air Reconstruction of all the surface and volume of the object in real time
The reference model can be loaded from a CAD file or built from a few samples in a very short time Allows quality control of production patterns that cannot be inspected with traditional 2D/3D machine vision systems
Fully parametrizable inspection tolerances Easy adaptation to particular size and precision needs

If you want to know more about ZeroGravity3D click HERE.

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